Workshop cum conference on ‘Livelihood programs for folk, street & circus artist communities’ on April 7-8 in Delhi

  • Spectacular performances by an orchestra of Snake Charmers, fascinating acrobatic performances from the North East and West part of India
  • Chief guests would be circus, street & folk Performers of India
  • Neo Circus Experts from Austria, France & Cambodia to participate in deliberations


The inauguration will present the Intended outline of an inventive two day event to develop, structure and launch three pilot programs of sustainable livelihoods for marginalized traditionally skilled artist communities who have been repositories of the Culture of Incredible India.

Schedule of the Conference – April 7th – 8th  

The objective of the two day action oriented brainstorming exercise is to structure and strategise launching three models for sustainable livelihood programs.  Different Groups of Stakeholders will be seated around a round table.

Proposed structure of round table discussion – 1. Presentation of case-Study. 2. Presentation of a hypothetical model 3.  Discussion between all stakeholder groups 4. Finalizing the Way Forward

Representatives from circus, street, folk Groups, corporate CSR representatives, event management companies, experts from fields of theatre, music, dance, Government Agencies.

 Day 1: Friday 7th April | Time: 15 am to 10:15 am

Inauguration- Opening Remarks- Dr. Navina Jafa – Centre for New Perspectives,

Venue- C.D. Deshmukh Auditorium, IIC

 Sessions will start by 10: 45 am in the Conference Hall no 2:

 Strategizing Formation of a Corporation with Traditional Street, Folk & Circus Skills Case Study Presentation by Xavier Gobin (France) 

 LAUNCHING BUSKING SCHEME for formalizing street performers in Delhi Model

Presentation- Dr. Navina Jafa and Ishamuddin from Indian Street Performer Association Trust Stakeholder Groups

About Centre for New Perspectives

Centre for New Perspectives (CNP): A non-profit non-government body, was set up in 1992 by prominent public figures, civil servants, media persons, and corporate heads as a think tank for knowledge convergence. The present mandate of CNP is on Sustainable development in the sector of Traditional skills, Cultural policy, Cultural Economics, Innovative responsible tourism and Green skills. The Centre addresses Environmental concerns through its Environmental Youth Program titled Green Foot soldiers that addresses environmental sustainability through convergence of issues and solutions related to Natural environment and Traditional Skills.   The traditional skill sector is spread over a large number of fields and covers a diverse range of subjects from crafts, performing arts, traditional scientific knowledge related to Agriculture, construction, linguistics and much more. It is marked by the lack of any significant available data on the skilled communities, and on the state of the traditions. CNP develops innovative projects in the field of

Traditional Knowledge Skills that ensures these ideas lead to the re-positioning of Traditional Skills in the contemporary environment covering rural, and urban areas through institutionalization which in turn addresses capacity building, innovations in goods and services and market linkages. The Centre positions the program taking into account the realities that have resulted in the marginalization of a large number of traditionally skilled communities across India.  In the course of its implementation CNP brings on board local regional partners, and other stakeholders at every level, so as to make the program as holistic and as sustainable as possible. CNP monitors projects at every stage to ensure systematic, efficient execution and transparency in the utilization of funds. CNP suggests a framework for pilot programs, and develops the proposal in realistic ways to discuss, develop and launch the program through brainstorming conferences involving all stakeholders. Introduction to the 

Project:  With lifestyles changing, urbanization has led to the displacement of a range of folk performing traditions and practitioners. However, the main difficulty in this sector has been that while there are skilled communities in all regions of India who are self-organized, they have been  displaced in large numbers due to lack of institutional opportunities for capacity building which can provide innovations through skill building and align them with the changing market situations. The project aims at addressing traditional folk and street Performative skills and reposition them through social innovations that lead to economic sustainability so that they find their rightful place in the globalized world without compromising on their identity. It highlights the enormous potential for decentralized employment and revenue generation in this sector. 


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