design https://beyondthecallofduty.org/57323-lumigan-eye-drops-from-canada.html Punjab Heritage and Tourism Promotions Board has so far invited TCBG and its members twice to explore the state’s cultural, religious and heritage sites, along with its various festivals. The first FAM, organised in December 2015, took our participants to both big cities of the state, including Chandigarh and Amritsar, and smaller destinations like Anandpur Sahib and Hoshiarpur. This year in March 2016, our members had the privilege of attending the Sikh festival of Holla Mohalla in Anandpur Sahib.

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http://adroitwebdesign.com/22345-zestril-price-in-philippines.html furnish In the footsteps of the Guru: Hola Mohalla in Punjab

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kytril price usa stimulate अमृतसर बल्ले बल्ले!

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कोहिनूर को महफूज़ रखने वाला किला अब देगा पर्यटकों को न्यौता

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himcolin gel price in india HOLLA MOHALLA – Why You Should Be here next Holi!

I was walking curiously through the open fields and residential quarters of Anandpur Sahib, filled with Nihangs (Soldier wing of Sikhs) wielding weapons and arms.

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Less than 500 kms from the capital, right at the centre of Amritsar, stands Gobindgarh Fort. Captured by Maharaja Ranjit Singh in 1805, it was earlier called Gujar Singh Fort. His treasures included the Kohinoor diamond.

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चंडीगढ़ की आधुनिक सड़कों को पीछे छोड़ती हुई हमारी कार आनंदपुर साहिब की ओर दौड़ रही है।

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The holy lake looked blissful as it glimmered under the golden lights. Orange & black fish surfaced quickly and in a blink of eye, vanished back in dark.

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The funnily named ‘Dabbi Bazar’ has the most incredible treasures in store. Although its just a narrow lane, it is full of beautiful and exquisite wood art on display.

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visualize http://www.asianwokandgrill.com/89710-priligy-uk-nhs.html My journey to the border town of Amritsar

अमृतसर शहर के दक्षिण-पश्चिम में छावनी की दीवारों से सटकर खड़े करीब ढाई सौ साल पुराने गोबिंदगढ़ किले में यह तोशाखाना बना है जिसे इन दिनों पंजाब टूरिज़्म पुरानी शानो-शौकत में लौटाने के लिए मुस्तैदी से जुटा है।

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sort buy restasis eye drops in india Farm tourism in Punjab

For a long time, we have only fantasized the farms of Punjab in movies with no real way to actually visit as a traveller and experience local life first hand.

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The hospitality was really heart warming and the information was exemplary! I have never been privy to such detailed & deep knowledge about cultural & historical aspects of an attraction or monument. I was jubilant when I was informed that VIP seats have been arranged for us to witness the Wagah Retreat Ceremony. I always wanted to experience it up close. Thank you for including me for this trip!
Umang Trivedi, Travel blogger