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ابغى اشتري وابيع بالذهب


كيف تكسب مال جيد على الانترنت The Travel Correspondents & Bloggers Group (TCBG) World is a dynamic travel media collective comprising professional and independent writers, bloggers, photographers, film-makers and social media influencers. The group addresses the prevailing need to adopt contemporary and ethical tools to broadcast quality and credible information online, as well as in print and electronic media. TCBG has a pan-India and global footprint, thanks to the remarkable talent it encompasses. The group regularly partners with historians, scholars, heritage experts, art aficionados, travel and adventure enthusiasts to provide its members enriching experiences and skill enhancement opportunities.


متى اشتري السهم A chance encounter somewhere on the road (where else!) between travel enthusiasts Alka Kaushik and Puneetinder Kaur Sidhu led to the inception of TCBG in March 2015. It started out as a platform to engage with like-minded people looking to make a difference in the travel-writing sphere. Over this brief period, it has metamorphosed swiftly and organically into a vibrant community of extraordinary travellers, and travel chroniclers.


المتاجرة في الاسهم After flirting with journalism, translations and even Zoology for over two decades, Alka Kaushik found her true love in travelling. She spends her time exploring the nooks and crannies of India, which she claims nobody can fully discover but has vowed to try anyway. A regular by-line in national media, her tales of adventurous encounters regularly appear in Dainik Tribune and Delhi Press publications. When not travelling or mentoring, she authors Life in Transit, a vastly popular blog in Hindi about finding fun, offbeat and quirky travel destinations in India and abroad.ابي-ادخل-اسهم-ÙÙŠ-الكويت Writer, content developer, foodie, but mostly peripatetic, Puneetinder Kaur Sidhu blogs (not as often as she would like) at Cutting Loose. She has in the past 15 years shaped a considerable repertoire as travel and food columnist with Hindustan Times, literary critic with The Tribune, and content provider to national and international travel magazines. Her undying passion for the great outdoors has resulted in over a dozen guides for Lonely Planet and Times Group Books. Every now and then her by-line pops-up in the Hindu Business Line, HT Mint, The Tribune, and Huffington Post.


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